Corporate services and advice

We provide our services since 2003 and are well known for experience in tailored and customised solutions. Being independent we rely on creating best fit solutions for our clients.

Our activities are regulated by Swiss authorities and we are full members of Swiss professional organisations (Union Suisse des Fiduciaires and OAD Fiduciari Suisse).

Our services

-Incorporation of companies in Switzerland and other jurisdictions.

-Management and governance (directors, board members, corporate officers).

-Bank accounts.

-Domicile (registered office, corporate address, mailing and secretary services).

-Company administration: accounting, taxation and statutory filings.

-Corporate consulting.


Via Luganetto 4, PO Box 433, CH-6962 Lugano-Viganello, Switzerland
+41 91 9735880

+41 91 9735881