SIP is a project offering commercial plots with infrastructure. It is 4.3 hectares of land, located at the main entrance to Klaipeda city and close to major highways – the A1 and A13. The territory is divided into plots of different sizes, which permit a commercial activity. The infrastructure at the object territory has the following – asphalt roads, electricity, gas, water, wastewater, rainwater, firefighting equipment.

The project is particularly attractive to companies that need good visibility and convenient access. The project is meant to attract business which interact with each other and have good reputation in the market. There are already two plots of land acquired by Hesburger and Neste Lithuania.

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“MICHAELSON boutique HOTEL” is our project, which has been developed from the very beginning and now is successfully completed. The reconstruction started in February 2011 and by now we have an extraordinary attraction place in Klaipėda’s old town.

A restored ex-warehouse building, situated at Žvejų Street 18A, is a monument preserved by the State enlisted in the Cultural Heritage Registry. The building represents an authentic 18-19th century object of the Lithuanian maritime heritage. It is a grain warehouse unique in its situation, featuring an expanding shape and an irregular design, built close by the Dane river.

In the current situation of development of Klaipeda the building is located in the grounds of
the Klaipeda Castle and the old town which is among the most attractive and unique areas in the entire Baltic region.

The hotel interior is exclusive because of the synthesis of authenticity of the 18th century and contemporary elegance and comfort. The hotel has preserved the original wooden structures and brick walls of the house that will take you back into the past, while natural materials such as glass, stone, iron represent modernity. Original chandeliers made in the Venetian island of Murano radiate sheer elegance. Some of the furniture was made from Venetian bricole – this the connection with the past of the building, as it is also built on wooden stilts just like Venetian houses.

The hotel already offers many experiences and events for the customers.

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Agus Real Estate SA as Developer and Agus Capital Management SA as Adviser are running residential property development project in Lithuania known as Danes Krantas. Property is being proposed to the market from beginning of 2016 as a Project: land together with construction permits ready to build. Property will be developed in Klaipeda city, Lithuania. Klaipeda is a port city with ca. 180,000 inhabitants. Total development scope: eight 4 and 5 storey buildings of 285 apartments with total of 20,562 sellable sq.m.


Project DANES KRANTAS offers:

  • Top quality materials and plumbing with a possibility to arrange „true full finishing“.
  • A energy efficiency for all apartments.
  • Natural surroundings with river quay, botanical garden, and bicycle pathways nearby.
  • No car driving in the area, just pedestrian and recreation zones.
  • True local community
  • SMART technologies in every apartment


The place also offers plenty of amenities such as elevators, storage rooms, terraces, loggias, a natural ventilation system, etc. The concept of the detailed plan of the site and adjacent area has already been approved by the Council of the Klaipeda City Municipality.

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